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Beloved, please don't leave me desolate

This time in 1988, it was a theme of modern times ~ 'Love Versus Money'.

In this ballet, Anila protrays the pangs of separation in the role of a loving wife longing for the return of her husband, who is away in a foreign country trying to make a fortune. The bride is forced to suffer under her mother-in-law and it is with the hope of a brighter future that she meekly submits to all pressures.

The businessman soon returns with gold and precious stones and with a new appearance too. But what is wealth compared to love? She stands firmly
against her husband's 'Worship of Mammon' (money). Finally she manages to bring him around to her way of thinking, and the duo live a happy life together ~ having discovered 'the middle path' as the wisest course to walk on in life.

Anila Sunder with her troupe




Script by Govardhan Bharti

Lyrics by Govardhan Bharti

Music by C. Arjun

Produced, Directed & Choreographed by Anila Sunder


©2000 Rachna Nritalaya.