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Anila Sunder contributed towards the country's Golden Jubilee year of Indepenence, in 1997, by presenting a story of the untold tragedy and severe hardships suffered by the displaced refugees whereby she seeks to recreate and depict the poignant Odyssey of Sindhi rehabilitation with sensitivity.


'Sindh Muhinjee Amaa' is a nostalgic saga of a woman beleaquered with the perennial woes of a woman, both as a wife and a mother. In this ballet, Anila artistically maps the travails of this woman right from her native Sindh in the pre - partition period to the
post - partion scenario in India.

The saga of a woman

Set amist the backdrop of our lush culutre and heritage, this dance drama gives one glimpses of the various traditions, values, festivals and mannerisms, etc... which in the present day have undergone a hitherto unimagined metamorphosis.

Anila Sunder, with her team


Script by Prof. Popati Hiranandani

Dialogues by Prof. Popati Hiranandani & Kumar Khilwani

Lyrics by Prof. Popati Hiranandani, Vasdev 'Nirmal' & Krishin 'Rahi'

Music by Ghanshyam Vaswani

Production Design by Sharat Bhagtani

Produced, Directed & Choreographed by Anila Sunder



©2000 Rachna Nrityalaya.