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"The bronze figure of a dancing girl from Mohen - jo - Daro and the stone sculpture of a male from Harappa are positive evidences that the Indus Valley people knew dancing with music".This inspired a ballet to be born, in 1990.

Christened Sindhu, the ballet protrays the clash of ideals of two cultures, of the Dravidian and the Aryan, one upholding the might of Veera (valour) and physical strength, and the other, the supremacy of Kala (Fine arts), the very essence of life.

The peace - loving , art - minded Dravidian, Sindhu, challenge the Aryan Prince Savero, who saved her from the clutches of a ferocious tiger and whose love she wins over. But the twain were not allowed to nuptial bliss; the pride and ego of the Aryan King separated the pair. Sindhu doesn't agree to elope but pursuades Savero to pray to Lord Pashupati. Were these prayers answered ? Yes and no, for the divine retribution causes the entire civilization to perish in a great deluge.


Script by Govardhan Bharti

Lyrics by Govardhan Bharti

Music by C. Arjun

Produced, Directed & Choreographed by Anila Sunder

©2000 Rachna Nrityalaya.

Prince Savero dancing with his beloved Sindhu