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Noori Jam tamachi

Noori ~ Jam Tamachi

The eternal thirst for the dear one , the thirst that manifests itself in the pinning eyes, the sobs and sighs, the trickling tears, the hopes and fears, the joys and sorrows of unions and separations and a host of emotions that are linked together with sweet, sincere and simple LOVE ~ the thread that wove this entire fascinating fabric was the tender conception of 'Sikka Sajan Jee' ~ The Lingering Longing for the Loved one.

'Sikka Sajan Jee' was first staged in 1982 marking the debut of Anila Sunder's foray into the world of dance dramas and it consists of about eleven dances - solo, duet and group. Wrought in the Kathak style, the ballet literally takes the clock ages back evoking nostalgic sentiments in the audience. Anila depicts the yearning of Moomal, the agony of Sasui, the chastity of Maruee, the ecstasy of Noori, the repentance of Leela, and the courage of Suhini, all with such sparkling spontaneity and impressive expression, that one feels one is floating in a world of fantasy where the heroines (Soormyoon) of Shah Abdul Latif have come to life. It is a wonderful combination of sensitive dialogues, exotically choreographed dances, dazzling sets and lights, superb music and colourful costumes which are a feast to the eyes.


Umar - Maruee

Umar ~ Maruee


Couplets by the great mystic poet Shah Abdul Latif

Lyrics by Prabhu Wafa

Music by C. Lakhmichand

Dialogues by Mohan Chhabria

Produced by Mohan Chhabria and Anila Sunder

Directed & Choreographed by Anila Sunder

© 2000 Rachna Nrityalaya