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Soon Anila Sunder graduated from Kathak to Odissi and staged the ballet
'Geet Govind ' in 1994.

Anila, as Radha

Couched in the authentic Hindi language, this ballet is translated into images that delight and startle, and ideas that enchant and reward. It takes possession of our imagination as we become aware of the significance of the images the poet has created. The emotional intensity of Radha is unmatched and the power of her love and desire to become one with Lord Krishna is so strong that it carries all before it and we forget our petty world and ourselves and identify with Radha's yearning for the Lord.

In the opening scene, Radha, on seeing Krishna dancing with her friends, feels jealous and walks away. However, her feelings are mollified when her friends tell her that Krishna was waiting for her on the banks of the river Yamuna. But on reaching the spot she finds Krishna engaged in dalliance with another gopika(lady).

Crestfallen, she taunts him that he will have to return when the night


The concluding scene had allegorical overtones as Radha waits wearily for Krishna the whole night. The piece - de - resistance is her ire at seeing black marks on his lips accusing him of having kissed another gopika's kajal - filled eyes. Lord Krishna ofcourse explains away his actions that the black stains are due to the jamun fruits that he had eaten and nothing else.

Radha willingly falls prey to white lies due to her unbounded love for Lord Krishna and finally there is a glorious union between Atma (Soul) and Parmatma (God).

Anila, as Krishna


Original Sanskrit poems by poet Jaidev

Translated into Hindi by J. K. Setpal

Choreographed by Guru Natbar Maharana

Produced & Directed by Anila Sunder



©2000 Rachna Nrityalaya.